EX-9050D: 7 digitální vstupy a 8 digitálních výstupů

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eX-9050 Digital-Modules: Non-Isolated Digital-I/O.

The eX-9050 industrial modules are the ideal solution for decentral/distributed, PC-controlled acquisition or output of digital signals. They are compact, rugged and have a high noise immunity - ideal for decentral remote-I/O DAQ and control networks. They are DIN-rail or wall-mountable. RS485 is used for simple and inexpensive 2-wire connectivity.

  • Industrial modules with RS485 or Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP for decentral/remote networking applications.
  • 7 or 12 digital inputs, 8 or 6 digital outputs.
  • DIN-rail or wall mountable - DIN-rail and wall mounting kit both included.
  • Pluggable screw terminals (signal connections, RS485, "INIT").
  • "INIT" input: Module reset.
  • Extended temperature range (-25...+70°C).
  • Galvanic isolation of input to output.
  • Configuration: Manual or with software (included).
  • Power supply 10...30 VDC.
  • Sizen (cm, without connectors) approx. 7 (W) x 10 (L) x 2 (H). Rugged plastiv housing.
  • Hard- and software watchdog.

Model Overview

Model eX-9050
Available versions eX-9050 eX-9050D eX-9050-MTCP
Digital inputs 7 single-ended,
log. 0: 0...1 V, log. 1: 3.5...30 V, input resistance 3 kOhm
12, log. 0: Close to GND, log. 1: Open, open (dry)/+5 V...+30 V (wet)
Isolation yes 3000 VDC
Digital outputs 8 open-collector, max. load DC 30 mA/30 V 6 open-collector (NPN) up to 30 V/500 mA max. load
Isolation - -
Verbrauch 1.7 W 2.0 W
LED display for channels - yes -
Communication RS485, 300...115200 bps RS485, 300...115200 bps Modbus/TCP, TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, ARP

Included: Module, DIN-rail and wall mounting kit, user manual, driver CD.


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